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Giving Back

We donate AED 15 / $4 from every order to our chosen charitiy Al Jalila Foundation. This has been approved the Government of Dubai – Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department under ICAAD Licence number 3983.
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What time should I stop drinking coffee If I want to sleep at night?

We found some alternative ways to help you sleep better at night and have a lesser reliance on a double-shot espresso to keep you awake during the day...
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3 REMarkable ways that Silk will Revolutionise your Sleep Quality

Silk pillowcases can do wonders for your hair, skin and sleep and here's why...
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The Self Care Items Everyone Should Have in 2021

Everybody deserves a little guilt-free pampering now and then and these are our go-to luxuries which always give us the pick me up we need...
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