The Self Care Items Everyone Should Have in 2021

Sometimes we all feel down in the dumps due to our busy, stressful, jam-packed lives spinning far too many plates that we can handle and dealing with a global pandemic. There's nothing wrong with reaching out for our little luxuries in the 'self care closet' to help us all feel a little bit lighter and more positive about the world. Everybody deserves a little guilt-free pampering now and then and these are our go-to luxuries which always give me the pick me up we need.

1. Hair-up, Makeup Off

Does anybody else count down the minutes after a long day until you can get home, put your hair in a perfectly imperfect bun on the top of your head and take your makeup off? There is absolutely no better feeling. During 2020 after working from home most of the time, I was embracing this look more than I ever did and after having purchased a silk scrunchie to tie my hair up I noticed my hair falling out less and was so much silkier. It is also the perfect accessory to tie your hair back when taking off your makeup or applying beautiful skincare. The biggest luxury here is silky soft hair, and clear beautiful skin.


2. Luxury Pyjamas

The most important thing for me during working from home is feeling comfortable but looking like I have my life together. Beautiful luxury pyjamas steal the show every time for me when I want to feel powerful from home without a 5 inch heel. A perfectly put together matching top and bottom would be my go-to posh pyjama which (after talking from experience) if you ever need to pop to the shops on a lunchtime, tuck in your pyjama top, throw on some fresh white trainers and silk mask, and you have instantly pulled off the night-to-day look whilst giving your skin the indulgence it deserves. Answering the door in pyjamas will never be the same again.

3. Posh Pillowcases

Having a nap in the middle of the day is as indulgent as having a head and neck massage when you make the switch from cotton to silk pillowcases. If you're anything like me and enjoy a little snooze on a weekend, owning a silk pillowcase is a gamechanger. Not only does it feel soft and deluxe on your face and neck, it provides so many skin and hair benefits which you can read all about in our silk benefits blog. It's equally as perfect to relax and unwind on when watching your favourite Netflix series, marinating in your favourite body creams with your best-loved luxury candle burning. It's so important to invest in rest.

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