Mental Health Awareness Week: Day 2

5 Different Ways to Recharge and Reset

You notice it's time for a break, and usually curling up in bed is everyone's go-to remedy to make them feel better. However there are several different ways we can treat exhaustion and look after our mind, body and soul.

1. Physical Rest

We can rest by sleeping or watching a movie at home in our pyjamas, or we can actively rest by doing forms of yoga and stretching which benefits our physical form and indirectly our mental state as well. Both of these types of physical rest aims to help reset your bodies natural functionality. If you are looking a balanced solution to both of these, we recommend getting outside and taking a gratitude walk.

2. Mental Rest

Our lives can be very overwhelming and includes many external factors outside of our control which can have an effect on our mood and stress levels. As a result of our crazy and busy lives, many people find it hard to switch off at home resulting in mental exhaustion. In order to help with this, schedule small breaks in the day to step away from the distractions of work. After work, one of the best ways to switch off is to journal and write all your worries and doubts on paper which will help declutter your mind.

3. Sensory Rest

Technology is a wonderful thing and we are fully reliant on it to live our lives. We wake up looking at a phone, spend all day working away looking at screens and then come home to relax in front of the TV. Our minds need a break as this leads to sensory overload. Every half an hour, close your eyes for a few minutes and disconnect from screens to reconnect with yourself and nature. 

4. Emotional Rest

It's a full time job managing our emotions effectively and the mix of them can make us feel, act and treat others in many different ways. Emotional rest prevents random outbursts of what we bottle up inside. One effective way to track your emotions is to mood track which can be done on many apps or write down how you feel at the start and end of the day. This should be an essential part of your daily routine.

5. Social Rest

We all need other peoples company to survive and enjoy life however we are all different in terms of character, aspirations and attitude and we will never be compatible with everyone. To rest socially, we need to learn how to spend time alone and how to form meaningful relationships in our lives. We are the total of the 5 people around us so it is very important to choose our close circle wisely as they can either lift you up or drain us. 


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