How To Escape Christmas Tiredness

We’ are all familiar with a slump in mood during the festive period, but did you know Christmas tiredness and January blues are real and many people suffer with this. The highs and lows of Christmas preparation, anticipation and participation play an important part in our mood and can affect our general wellbeing. Being tired can affect our confidence, happiness, perspective and ability to focus.

Help yourself avoid Christmas tiredness and January blues with our five top tips for sleeping better...

1. Relax your mind

Even if we have done nothing all day, our mind can still be worrying about the things we have to do, haven't done or simply thoughts that shouldn't be in our mind. Before you go to sleep, empty your mind by either writing your thoughts in a journal or speaking to a friend. You will drop off to sleep easier when your mind is clear.

2. Evening bubble baths

Having a bath or shower an hour before bed is proven to help you fall asleep quicker and can help you wind down. Try this before bedtime this evening and we guarantee it will help you relax.

3. Zone out

Create a sleepy zone in your home, whether that's using candles, diffusers or essential oils to help you sleep, these can all benefit you by relaxing you into the deepest of sleeps with their sleepy scents.

4. Magnesium

Magnesium aids a good night sleep, whether you drink magnesium tea, take a magnesium supplement or use magnesium body creams, this magic ingredient will help you nod off and relax.

5. Pillow Mist

Keeping your lavender pillow spray on your bedtime table is the best reminder to spritz a few sprays on your pillow to help boost your sleep quality and help you fall asleep much quicker. Show our best-selling Lavender and Patchouli Pillow Misttoday for a dreamy night sleep.



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